inka-klinic-bdsm-proceduresMy Klinic is small but fully equipped, nestled at the back of my Maison De Debauch Edinburgh Dungeon, and absolutely packed with tools and implements of torment and delight to quench the most demanding medical fetish.

The stand out piece of my klinic is my fetters gynaecological table, but I also have a Venus 2000, a plethora of Breath Play equipment, speculums and sounds, needles, scalpels, catheters, and many other staple medical fetish toys and torture devices.

The clinic is set up to be suitable for all kinds of play, including wet play such as giving enemas and urine play.

The clinic is rigorously kept clean, so as to provide a safe and sterile medical environment. I take great pride in my medical room, it is my pride and joy, and you will always find it in impeccable condition.

All of my equipment is always kept sterilised and I am committed to ensuring the safety of my tools and implements.